Gazetteer of Plasterers - Q

QUICKE, Robert (fl. 1620-34)

A Plasterer who came from Berkshire and was presented by Henry Pritchard on 31 January 1611/12 for 9 years. He paid his abling fine on 25 July 1620 but is only recorded in the Quarterage Accounts until 1625. Nevertheless, he was one of the beneficiaries under the will of William Widmore, referred to as his brother [presumably brother-in-law], and received his second best cloak, a pair of worsted stockings, a pair of Kersey breeches and a cassock. Widmore also left £5 to his godson, Wigmore Quick, presumably a son of Robert.[1]


[1] LMA DL/AL/C/003/MS 09052/008, will no. 198.

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