Gazetteer of Plasterers - V

VARNAM, William (fl. 1600; died 1607)

A Plasterer who was presented by William Burton (28 January 1591/2), who paid the abling fine on Varnam’s behalf (8 February 1599/1600). When the Clothworkers’ Company was building a new parlour in 1594-5, Varnam was working alongside his master for 6 days in November 1594, earning 8s at the rate of 16d per day. [1] Varnam paid his beadleship fine (25 July 1601). He was fined for keeping a boy unbound for more than six months when he presented John Arrisle, son of a Northamptonshire weaver, for 8 years (1 February 1604/5). Varnam died as a parishioner of St Ethelburga iuxta Bishopsgate on 18 January 1606/7. Administration of his estate, valued at £16 12s, was granted to his widow, Amy. Widow Varnam replaced William in the Quarterage Accounts for 1607-10. Charity was paid to Amy Varnam, widow (25 July 1629) and her death was noted on 23 April 1633.


[1] The Clothworkers’ Company: Quarter and Renter Wardens’ Accounts: CL/D/5/3.

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