Gazetteer of Plasterers - Y

YEADON (YAYDON), Richard (fl. 1622-46)

A Plasterer who was the son of a Hereford tanner, apprenticed to Richard Browne I for 7 years (2 August 1615). Yeadon paid his fines for abling (20 August 1622) and beadleship (7 November 1626). A beadleship fine for Yeadon was recorded again on 30 July 1629, which seems surprising but he paid for not serving one year as a journeyman on 2 July 1630. Yeadon’s only apprentice was Henry Dawes, son of a Bedfordshire shoemaker, for 8 years (6 September 1632). When Dawes was freed, Yeadon was fined for freeing him early (9 September 1639). Yeadon was last recorded paying arrearage of quarterage on 26 January 1645/6. Widow Yeadon was added to the list of widows receiving charity (24 April and 13 October 1654).

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